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November 1st, 2010 at 7:47 pm (Tattoos)

The main reason I started this blog about tattoo websites was to help guys and girls find good tattoos. Plain and simple. I didn’t want other people to have to go through what I went through when attempting to find great tattoo designs and the best original artwork available on the Net. It just shouldn’t happen, which is why I’ve given you my personal list of favorite tattoo websites below. I spent what seemed like years trying to find good tattoos and original, well drawn artwork out there, and even then, I didn’t always find what I wanted. Sound familiar?

You want to find timeless, extremely good tattoos that will stand the test of time, which you will be happy with for the rest of your life, right? I know I do. I also want to see a lot of best designs, so I can’t make the absolute perfect decision. Over the years, I would say that I have scoured though about 500 or so tattoo websites, each with it’s own set of “somewhat” good tattoos for guys and girls. While a lot of them tended to have decent artwork, there were many of them that had art that was not really “drawn” to be implemented as real tattoos (which you would know if you got to this blog from one of my articles!). Also, roughly 95% of them have the exact same artwork as the next place, which is just unacceptable.

We, as people who love tattoos, want perfect designs, the best original art, and designs that were actually drawn to be implemented as a real tat in the first place. Where are those tattoo websites? With the below information, I have taken all of the frustration away from finding good tattoos, along with providing you with the best tattoo websites for guys and girls on the internet. This thorough review of the absolute 3 best tattoo websites I have come across all feature these 3 things….1.) Extremely High Quality Artwork….2.) A very wide selection of fresh, original artwork and stunningly good tattoos that have not been released all over the darned internet!…..3.) Artwork that was actually “made” to be implemented as real tattoos. You wouldn’t believe how many designs out there look great on paper or your computer screen, but won’t look great once inked on your skin. I could have reviewed the top 10 websites for good tattoos, but none of them stacked up to these three in my opinion. You will be extremely happy with whatever artwork site you choose.

Site #1 – Chopper Tattoo – Here’s a Peak At Their Great Front End

good tattoos

We will start things off with one of the best things to hit the internet since sliced bread met a toaster oven. Chopper has the largest amount of fresh 2010 designs you can find, and believe me, I’ve tried. Not just that, but you get all of their artwork dating back to 2002. Over 8 years worth of massive updates. They have thousands…and thousands..and thousands of top quality designs and good tattoos for you to choose from at any given time. That’s what the best tattoo websites do. They even help you figure out which styles might be right for you if you don’t know where to start, which deep background info about good styles and designs. With their constant design updates within the website itself, you will never want to go to another gallery again. With their artwork, you also get unlimited lettering or stencil work for any design you want, which is always a great thing…but that’s not all.

Apparently, they want you to listen to any music you want while you browse their extensive selection. They don’t just have a few songs here and there, though. They have millions of them! I couldn’t believe it. On top of this, Chopper has a state of the search function, which make it insanely easy and fun to find the exact piece or style of artwork you want in an instant, leading you to the good tattoos for guys and girls, no matter what your tastes are. No other tattoo websites do that – Only the best ones do.

What they also do is guarantee that they have more fresh designs and artwork than any real life parlor. How many tattoo websites can say THAT? And you can do it all from the comfort of your very own computer. If you truly want quality tattoos and original designs, then this is the one place for you. If you want a generic butterfly tat, then keep on looking. One more amazing thing about Chopper: Their crystal clear images allow you to get a full view of the painstaking detail of the artwork. You won’t be left wondering, “What is that there in the middle of the design?”, or “Why does this section look blurry?”

You will be able to see each and every design in amazing detail and each of their good tattoos for guys and girls are as crisp as it gets. To fully see what Chopper has to offer as one of the best tattoo websites, Click Here to check them out.

Site #2 – Tattoo Me Now

This is a gallery that was started by a dedicated guy from complete scratch. He was just a regular artwork lover, just like you and I. He was simply tired of the runaround he was getting and wasting countless days looking for a couple half decent designs. He wanted to bypass all of the old, generic crap out there and find a place that had all of the top of the line art in one central location. Well, he couldn’t find that place at the time….So, what did he do? He gathered up thousands and thousands of the greatest designs and good tattoos for guys and girls from tons of artists and started one of the very best tattoo websites.

Before the rest of the review, here’s their nice front end… Great Tattoo Designs

He literally spent thousands of dollars joining all of the best tattoo websites (at the time) out there, gathering only the truly worthy artwork and put them all on his site, Tattoo Me Now. Pretty neat, huh? You will never go to another gallery again once you are hooked on his great artwork. That is how extensive his gallery is. That’s not all though….This next thing is the actual reason I keep going back for more. The reason is because you are always able to print each and every design and every piece of artwork he has.

Whether you want to print those amazing tribal tattoos you found, or you are fond of three of the random good tattoos for guys and girls in his database of Celtic tats, you can do just about anything you want with them. That’s what makes it one of the best tattoo websites. You won’t find any watermarks, or “Sample Image” text laid over his images and designs, which many tattoo websites stick on their artwork. All of his artwork is your for the taking and you can have them freely. How many sites let you do that? Not many, if any at all. Oh, yeah, one more thing about one of my favorite features about this site. It’s the Member’s Picture Forum. This is where you will find tons of other members posting their own tattoos that they have gotten, along with drawings and art from around the globe. It’s a great way to get some added ideas and even some inspiration. To see all that one of the best tattoo websites has to offer, including all the artwork you can handle, Check Them Out Here

Site #3 – Tattoo My Brain

Well, the name says it all. Your brain will just about be spinning when you look at the amount of quality designs this guy has, for hundreds of various styles for guys and girls. This galley is run by a well respected artist, Dean Cameron. He has gotten the rights to thousands of the best printable tattoo designs, by the best artists around, which is what makes his site so damned unique. He has a huge amount of good tattoos that you will never find anywhere else. Dean also goes into insane detail about the secret to getting the perfect tat for your tastes and getting inked with good tattoos for guys and girls in a way that will have people dropping their jaws in awe. Dean simply breaks tattoos down to a science for you. You will learn so much from him, that you will never look at tattoos and getting inked the same way again. And this is all just in addition to his huge gallery of good tattoos and ever expanding artwork database. No other tattoo websites update their artwork so regularly.

Here’s a peek at their classy, easily navigated site… printable tattoo designs

At their gallery, you are able to print as many of his high quality designs as you want, whenever you want. It does not matter if you find one, or one hundred. Print them all…save all the good tattoos you want. Dean will also send you weekly updates when new artwork and tattoo designs are loaded into his site, which happens very frequently. He is so confident in his If you are a true artwork lover, you need to see the artwork database, otherwise you’ll miss out on 1000’s of good tattoos for guys and girls.  Don’t just take my word for it. Take a look around the internet for people’s thoughts about this gallery. Check Tattoo My Brain Out Here for one of the best tattoo websites available, along with access to thousands of good tattoos for guys and girls.

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